Rails Girls Summer of Code

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Summer 2013 Worldwide

Rails Girls

Summer of Code

Help Rails Girls students get into open source software projects!

Women go Open Source

Rails Girls Summer of Code helps Rails Girls students get into Open Source.

Just like in Google Summer of Code and Ruby Summer of Code, students will be paid so they're free to work on Open Source projects for a few months. Unlike those programs, the Rails Girls Summer of Code is about helping students to further expand their knowledge and skills by contributing to a great Open Source project (rather than producing highly sophisticated code).

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Great news for the Open Source scene and Rails Girls

Posted on Mon Nov 25

So much love!

Travis launched their Foundation officially last friday and the happy happy news made quite some noise in everybody’s tiwtter feed/ mail boxes. Great news for Open Source, since they launched Open Source Grants and will basically support amazing things happening. ♥


We hope, this will be one of the next OS projects, they help fund!

On the Rails Girls Blog, Linda wrote about how the Rails Girls Movement sometimes needs heroic people and why we all will love Travis Foundation forever.

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