Rails Girls Summer of Code


Rails Girls Summer of Code will pay the selected students 1500 USD per month for a three months period, so they can dedicate themselves to their Open Source projects full-time. As a sponsor, you will be crucial to make that happen.

Rails Girls Summer of Code is all about the community. You will support it as a global project, so your sponsorship will enter a budget pool from which the selected students will be paid.

If you are willing to support us, here is what we offer:

  • Bronze - 1,000 USD

    Your logo on our website, lots of tweet love from the community.

  • Silver - 2,500 USD

    Same as Bronze, but with a bigger logo and your testimonial in the press kit.

  • Gold - 5,000 USD

    Same as Silver. Plus: your logo in presentations about Rails Girls Summer of Code.

  • Platinum - 10,000 USD

    Same as Gold. And Konstan- tin1 wears your T-shirt at a conference & explains why.

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1 Konstantin Haase: Travis CI core member, Sinatra maintainer and Ruby Hero 2012, speaks at many conferences

For bigger packages please get in touch!

You can also contribute a custom amount through our crowdfunding campaign and be listed on our website.

Logos and links on the website will be sorted by amount and date. Please read the information on VAT and tax deductibility in the FAQ if you are contributing from within the EU and especially from Germany.

We are also continuously working on additional ideas that haven't been finalized yet, such as cross-promotions with podcasters, newsletters and blogs. More info coming soon.

If you happen to have other ideas or if you're missing something on this list, please get in touch: summer-of-code@railsgirls.com

If you prefer to transfer the money directly you can use one of the following bank accounts. Please mention "RailsGirls Summer of Code" in the subject.

German bank account

Travis CI GmbH
Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse Potsdam

US bank account

Jumpstart Labs
Congressional Bank
2101 K St NW, Washington DC, 20037
Routing no
Account no

We are looking forward to having you on board as a sponsor!